Fun Family April Fool’s Day Pranks!

I’m totally writing this article in June of 2015, so it will be scheduled, of course, but I found some adorable April Fool’s Day pranks and I wanted to share them while I was inspired!

Most of these are from the April 2015 edition of Parents magazine. They’re seriously awesome, and if you don’t have a subscription, you can get one now!

Cake and Berries – I mean, “Toast” and Berries

This prank is super fun for super healthy households. Karen Cicero, a contributing editor to Parents, replaced her daughter’s toast with pound cake! She said that her daughter was “so excited” that Karen had fooled her because sweets were not a breakfast food in her home. This is an easy and quick “prank,” but remember to add protein to the dish to make sure your child is ready for a fantastic school day.

Sticky Milk – It’s Not as Gross as it Sounds

This prank takes a tiny bit more planning, but is a really cute idea. Gail O’Connor, the current senior editor for Parents, froze a glass of milk overnight. In the morning, she topped it with fresh milk so that her daughter could take a sip, but the rest of the milk was stuck!

“Bloody” Hands

This is a prank I remember from my childhood. After my sister and I went to bed, my mother stuck Crayola colored bath water tabs under the sink faucets in the bathrooms, so when we went to wash our hands or brush our teeth the next morning, the water was red! My sister screamed and then started giggling, while I, in all my insomniatic glory, was so exhausted I didn’t even notice the change.

Where’s the Water?!

Another prank my mother played on us was turning off the water to our sinks in the morning. I have no idea if they still work this way, but you used to be able to turn the water off to just one sink at a time. My dad would turn his on and it would work just fine, while I couldn’t get a drop!

I’ve Got My Eye on YOU!

I love this idea, whether it’s April Fool’s Day or not. Kara Corridan, the health director of Parents magazine, glued pairs of googly eyes to everything in her daughter’s bathroom. This is a fun and easy laugh for any time of the year!

I hope these have inspired you to get in the mood for the first of April! Post your favorite pranks or your kid’s reactions below – I can’t wait to see how your pranks turn out!


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