Having kids at a wedding? Be sure to keep them entertained

I was thinking about this the other day. This is a great idea for weddings!

Tighe the Knot

Having a lot of kids at your wedding? It’s a good idea to have a kid’s table at your wedding to keep the kids entertained. This allows for their parents and other guests to mingle and celebrate and allows the children to entertain themselves and each other. A kid’s table keeps them all together and is easy to watch over. Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained:

  • Crayons and coloring books, or even a paper table cloth to draw on47d2d66653318d09a7499448c2924d6c
  • Scavenger Hunt – have disposable cameras and a list of things to find (the best dancer, best dressed, something blue, etc.)


  • Fill a basket with all kinds of games and puzzles to keep kids entertainedtrentbaileyphotography
  • Other ideas:
    • Bubbles
    • Beads and string – jewelry making station
    • Twister
    • Fun foods (finger foods, candy etc.)
    • Legos

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