Parents: Planning for the Day Ahead

Getting out the door in the morning is a hassle for everyone. There are some ways to make it a bit easier, though, and implementing a few of them in your household is definitely worth the effort! Start slow and build up to having everything prepared for the next day the night before – I promise, it will make mornings smoother and happier.


Packing the kids’ lunches ahead of time saves SO MUCH TIME. SERIOUSLY. juice-25189_1280Plus, the kids usually end up with a better, healthier lunch, which is great. Basic sandwiches can be made in advance, like turkey and cheese; stick it in a Tupperware container and it will survive the night in the fridge. Add a container of water, fruit (cut up or a fruit cup in water, not syrup), pretzels or chips, and a granola bar for a bit of sweetness. Put it in the lunchbox and make sure there are plenty of ice packs in the freezer. In the morning, add the sandwich and ice pack to the lunchbox and send it on its way!


Laying out clothes the night before is another huge time saver. No more arguing over which shirt to wear to school; everything is laid out and ready for them to put on. If your kids are old enough, let them choose (with some help) what to wear. Eventually, they will want to pick out their own clothes, which means you can spend time on other things. Make sure they have socks and shoes out, too!


Planning breakfast for the next morning is a great way to avoid confusion in the mornings. You may not be able to cook it ahead of time, but knowing that you’re going to make toast, eggs and applesauce will keep you from having to think about it when you get up. If you, like me, are prone to forgetting things overnight, write it down on a notepad in the kitchen.


The last thing to pack ahead oback-to-school-183533_1280f time is your child’s bag. Make sure that their school papers, homework, and extra clothes are all tucked away and sitting by the front door. Add your purse and keys to the line so everything is ready to go when it’s time to leave for school!

Do you have other tips for planning ahead? Feel free to share by commenting below!


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