Pre School Graduation

So sweet!

Ashley Gingras - Holistic Nutritionist

Last night I lay in bed sobbing, you know the sob the full on ugly cry sob. The one where your nose gets all plugged up, you can’t breathe, your gasping for air, snot is probably dripping all over you, you are basically the most attractive human being that ever lived. Today is my daughters last day of preschool and my heart felt so heavy. For 4 years I have stayed with her day in and day out. Until recently when I went back to work in the evenings. Four years of teaching her, teaching her right from wrong, teaching her to be kind, compassionate, a nice tiny human. All leading up to the impending doomsday which to others is known as the first day of school. Like real school.

See, I am that Mom.I know I am a little bit of a helicopter Mom. I actually LOVE hanging out…

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