“Sneaker Odor-Eater”

I have a ridiculous number of magazine subscriptions. Parents, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, Seventeen – the list goes on. Naturally, they generally pile up for a few months before going through them.

While looking through a much outdated Good Housekeeping magazine tonight, I found a super cool article about making sneaker odor-eaters with simple materials, and I thought I’d share!

FullSizeRenderThe instructions are kind of hard to read from that picture, but basically you need four things: fabric, scissors, needle and thread, and cat litter. Yeah. Weird.

You can probably guess what you do next to make them. Create a little pocket with the fabric, fill it with cat litter (about 3/4 of the way full), and sew it up! Then put them in your kids’ shoes and wait a bit, and voila! No more smelly sneakers!

If you need advice on the sewing part, or creating a satchel, let me know! I make them quite a bit with scented fabric to freshen up the car or my closets.

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