Families: When Daycare is Closed

Tropical storm Bill has closed the preschool I work for, which means plenty of parents will be scrambling to find childcare if their work isn’t closed. While this can be a hassle, there are a few alternatives to traditional daycare, especially in a pinch.

Although I usually write for families with nannies, I’m going to assume in this article that your family chose daycare over private in-home care.

Alternative One: Family and Friends

If you have family or friends in the area who don’t work – a grandmother, or a stay-at-home mom, maybe – this is a super good option for back-up childcare. Family and friends usually don’t charge you, especially in emergencies like a daycare closing. This is always my first piece of advice to parents in a bind.

Alternative Two: Back-Up Babysitter

Believe it or not, many families keep a back-up babysitter on call. These girls are usually in school, so when the kids’ daycare or preschool closes, so does your back-up babysitter’s. She has agreed ahead of time to spend her snow/storm days taking care of your kids.

If you don’t keep a babysitter on call, then it’s time to start calling. Call any local babysitters. In gross weather, you will probably have to pay more than usual, but it’s worth it if you have to get to work yourself.

Alternative Three: Call In Sick

brothers-457237_1280Seriously. How often do you get a random weekday to spend with your kids? If you have the vacation time or sick days left, make the call and snuggle on the couch with your kiddos. Bake cookies and read stories. Catch up on housework while they nap. Just take the day!

If you do find yourself facing a snow day or a tropical storm, remember that safety comes first! If you can afford to miss a day of work, I highly encourage it; driving in unsafe weather conditions is awful.

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