Thoughts: Just Roll With It

Such a great read! “Just rolling with it” truly is a great way to care for children!

Nerdy Mama Does It Best

You have the whole day planned out. It’s going to be amazing. You are going to the zoo or wildlife sanctuary. You are going to show your kid all these cool new animals. You build your kid up to this moment for days. You get there. You try to show your kiddo the Flamingos; kid gets excited about the duck. You show them their first crocodile; kid only wants to watch the pigeon. You show your kiddo a zebra; kiddo acknowledges it then proceeds to dote on the pigeon. You got it this time. You take the kid to the birds to show off the exotic blue pigeon with the cool feathers; kid thinks her own shadow is amazing. You think to yourself, “Hey, she’s a fan of cats. Lets go to the cheetahs!”. You get there and the cheetahs are napping somewhere you can’t find them, but the…

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