the debate on time-outs

This is a super interesting point. It sounds a bit hard to accomplish, though, especially when a child is throwing a tantrum in public? Any suggestions on how to handle that sort of thing? Thanks for giving me a new perspective, though!

psychology scribbles

These days i’ve been reading on emotion regulation for pre-school children … and i’ve been coming across a lot of discussions and opinions on why Time-Out, one of the most used (and many argue as most effective) may not always be appropriate for managing difficult behaviours in children. Especially when it comes to teaching emotion regulation and building emotion competence, the regular time-out may not really be enough.

Consider the child who lost the candy that the doctor gave her while at the clinic. she starts to become quite upset. mommy tries to reason with her that she can either get another candy next time she visits, or that she can have a cookie instead. when the child refuses and insists she wanted that candy that is already lost. she throws a tantrum, cries, and mommy, thinking the child is unreasonable and just wanting to “make a scene”, decides to time…

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