Indoor Activity: Tent Building

Yes! Tents! I haven’t met a child or adult who doesn’t love a good tent!

Nerdy Mama Does It Best

Because indoor tents are awesome, too! And that goes double for when the whether is not so nice.
You can surprise the little one with a tent or you can have them help make it.

All you need:
Blankets and/or sheets
Pillows (optional)
Toys (optional)
Books (optional)
If you don’t have a carpeted floor I would recommend a comforter be put down first to make it more comfortable

Step 1:
Put the chairs where you think the ends of the tent should go. Put the tallest chair(s) in the center so that you have the most room inside the tent. You may want to set a tall box on the center chair to really keep the middle of the tent up.

Step 2:
Toss the sheets over the chairs and tie them to the chairs. You can leave it open from all sides or tie a blanket to…

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