Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

I like this method! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and this is definitely a good way to go when you’re at home.

Nerdy Mama Does It Best

Tantrums are the worst, but they happen. I mean think about it for a good large chunk of their tiny lives screaming and/or crying got them everything that they wanted. They were infants not all that long ago. Using words to express their emotions is a learned behavior. As infants the only things that they really wanted were things that they needed, such as sleep, clean diaper, milk, etc. Now they want everything. They want to stay at the park another 5 hours. They want that toy ball that looks exactly like the one they have at home. They want to eat the styrofoam packaging. The want you to defy the laws of physics. (Seriously, it happens.) Of course you are going to have to say “no” to some of those things. That’s when the tantrum begins. What to do now?!

First, I just want to make one thing clear…

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