Three Things to Remember When You Start a New Job

Well, I did it! I tackled the job search and found a new job. I’ll be in a preschool environment again, but this time more on the management side.

I’m so crazy excited!!!

Obviously, I’m extremely nervous; sleep isn’t coming easy tonight. To ease my nerves and hopefully yours, here are three things to remember the night before your first day.

This is what you wanted. 

I don’t say that as a cliché; if you were looking for a job, you’re probably stoked you got one. But doubt can creep in at any moment, which is why it’s important to say to yourself “Yeah! I did it! And I’m gonna rock this job!”

You are prepared for this. 

Whether it’s your first job or thirtieth, your new employer would not have hired you if they didn’t believe you could handle the job. Even if it seems overwhelming, take deep breaths and remember that you’re good at this. It’s what you do!

First impressions matter, but so do third, fifth, and seventeenth. 

Things might not go perfectly on your first day. That’s okay. Childcare is all about flexibility, and your employer likely knows that. If you mess something up, take a breath, regroup, and move on. You can cry about it later – right now, you’ve got a job to do.

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