Free Movies!

I had so much fun seeing The Boxtrolls at the movies today! And guess what – it was free! One of a nanny’s greatest resources during the summer is the series of free children’s events around the town. This includes – in most cities – free or significantly discounted movies during weekday mornings. These are a great way to keep the kids cool and calm, as well as excited, since they’re getting to go see a silver screen on a weekly basis!

My local theater, Silverado 19, offers free movies every Tuesday and Thursday morning during the summer.

If you haven’t checked out your local theater’s website to see if they offer a similar program, you’re missing out! Most of them run weekly from the second week in June all the way through August.

Have a blast!

**If you’re worried about breaking the bank on those cutesy kid snack packs, opt for getting a large (with a free refill) and splitting it into paper bags brought from home. That way each child has their own food, but you didn’t pay for it individually.

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