Families: Hiring a Male Sitter

The word “babysitter” brings to mind a cute teenage girl playing Shoots and Ladders with a young child while a baby munches on Cheerios in a high chair. Very rarely to parents think about hiring a teenage boy to watch their kids. While it is a little odd for most people, there are some perks to hiring a male sitter, especially if you have boys at home.

Generally speaking, guys are a little more energetic and less picky than girls. That’s playing to stereotypes, of course, but stereotypes do exist for a reason! Most of the male babysitters I’ve met have no problem running around chasing the kids, playing football or soccer, and getting a little messy. This can be a super great experience for energetic kids – as long as the sitter is good at cleaning up after themselves and the kids.

I love it when parents hire guys to sit for their young or pre-teen boys. Having a strong role model that is just a bit older than them is invaluable to the positive development of young boys. When you hire a great male babysitter, your child gets to see what a professional, hard-working, and nice guy looks like. This is an excellent way to subtly influence your child to follow strong real-person role models instead of the ones they see on TV.

There’s no argument that hiring a male babysitter is a little out of the box. I, however, think that if you can find a guy with strong references willing to spend some time with your kids, go for it! The same rules of training and experience apply to male and female sitters, so don’t just hire someone off the street, but it can definitely be worth the time to find a guy to sit every once in a while.

Image courtesy of studiobportraits.

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