10 Fun Ways To Be Active With Your Kids This Summer

These are some awesome ideas! I love this lady – such a great blog for moms to follow!

Mommyhood Land

Its June, which means it is time to start the summer fun!

Here are 10 fun and easy ways to be active with your kids! Which we all know being active is important to every one, and what better way than to do it together?!

summer fun

1. Walk. So simple and free! A walk can be simple, a walk around your neighbourhood, a nature walk, walking to and from school, walking to the store.

2. Play with a ball. Kick it, throw it, chase it, bat it, whatever it is you do, just have fun with it. Pick a game where you keep score, person with the lowest score cleans the kitchen, or maybe has to clean their bedroom!

3. Make an obstacle course. Inside on a rainy day, or outside on a nice sunny day. Use chairs, sofa cushions, brooms, boxes, rope, whatever you have on hand. Or make oneā€¦

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