Families: Four Signs You Need a Nanny

Considering in-home childcare, but not sure if hiring a nanny is right for you? Here are four signs that you’re ready to hire an extra caregiver.

You’re regularly late to work, or miss it entirely.

The kids won’t get up, breakfast was burnt, and Timmy refused to change out of his pajamas. It was hard enough getting them to school on time, much less make it to your job on time. A nanny can be a huge help in this situation; she can get the kids up, fix them breakfast (that’s hopefully not burnt), and drive them to school. Plus, if one of your babies is sick, your nanny can help out there, too.

Finding time to do the shopping – or anything else – is next to impossible.

If you’ve ever tried it, even once, you know that taking kids to the grocery store results in buying way too much sugary cereal and nasty looks from single trophy wives who’ve never dealt with a screaming toddler. While grocery shopping isn’t in the job description of most nannies, childcare, of course, is. After employing a trusted nanny, you can enjoy a quiet trip to Kroger – and maybe even Starbucks! – without worrying about the kids knocking over that display of potato chips.

Turning on the TV has become a staple in your home; it keeps the kids quiet, after all!

Okay, we’ve all done it. Tom and Jerry or Cars is a great babysitter – occasionally. But if you find yourself plopping the kids in front of the TV on a daily basis just to get basic household chores done, you might consider hiring a nanny. She can provide more structure and entertainment for your kids than Jessie can, I promise.

Yelling is a more common way of communicating with the children then anything else.

Kids can be stressful. That’s just the truth. So yeah, it’s easy to resort to yelling when things get tough. If that’s happening on a daily basis though, or it feels like the kids won’t listen unless you yell, it might be time to bring in a specialist. Nannies are trained to diffuse tension and redirect your kids’ energy. Kids running around the house while you’re trying to rest? A nanny can find a quiet activity or take them outside to burn that energy off. With calmer, more engaged children, you’ll find yourself needing to yell less, and ready to play more.

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